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Bankmark: Our Methodology

Our Foundation

Bankmark built its foundation by successfully implementing capital acquisition programs for the Nubanks in the early 80's. We were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its customized capital acquisition strategies by completing capitalization campaigns in unprecedented time. While many groups recognized these accomplishments, everyone did not embrace Bankmark's proven formula. In fact, certain members of some groups felt that their personal contacts and entrepreneurial expertise would be more sufficient to ensure the new venture's success. Bankmark continues to point out to new clients the significant danger of group underestimating the scope of such an undertaking, while at the same time overestimating their influence on potential investors. This is not to down play the importance of director influence. On the contrary, the personal contacts and involvement are critical to the project's success. However, what is paramount to a successful campaign is that the group's energy be effectively focused and directed.

Bank Methodology

It is our focus and direction which is the cornerstone of Bankmark's strategy. And the key element in the strategy is the formation of the chairman's circle and the advisory founders group. This strategy places the stock in the hands of influential investors who, in turn, form the core of the bank's business client base. We instill in this group the importance of becoming business development "missionaries" once the bank is open. This fundamental strategy effectively differentiates the success of institutions, which engaged Bankmark for their capital acquisition program from those banks whose capital programs were self-directed. While many new groups have tried to emulate Bankmark's founder development program, this is only one element to a comprehensive capital acquisition program.