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Bankmark: Our Process

Forming the Correct Group of Bank Organizers

During the initial meeting with the proponents for a de novo bank, Bankmark supplies a document outlining "The Profiles of and Criteria for a Successful Organization of a de novo Bank Group". This brief discussion guide assists the proponents in identifying the type of businessmen, professionals or entrepreneurs who will comprise an potent and effective group. The criteria are based on characteristics for groups of organizers Bankmark has successfully worked with in the past.

Then, utilizing community-specific demographics and economic statistics, Bankmark constructs an overview discussion guide for the targeted market entitled "A Discussion of the Viability of Establishing a Bank in...", tailored to the specific community a proposed bank wishes to enter. This overview examines the economic trends and financial condition of the marketplace under consideration, an outline for the economic study and application process, and necessary legal steps to assure success. Key industry trends are presented along with a traditional project timeline and professional synopsis of members that comprise the Community Bank Development Team.

Bankmark then works with the initial group proponents to develop a potential organizer/bank director roster. This list of potential candidates must best match the criteria as outlined by Bankmark and established by the group as it sees its marketplace for building an optimum organizing group which represents the community.

To assist the proponents in developing the best group possible, Bankmark, along with the initial proponents will meet one-on-one or in small groups to explain and discuss 1) the scope of starting a de novo bank, 2) the rewards and obligations of becoming a Bank Director, 3) the financial requirements of being a Bank Director, 4) time requirements and obligations of those who elect to become involved and 5) the experts who will guide us.

With Bankmark's assistance, the proponents are able to professionally present their concept for a NuBank as this forum allows the proponents to experience first-hand how a potential new organizer handles and reacts to the opportunity as it is discussed. Essentially with professional assistance, the candidate can be fairly evaluated by what resources, community depth, business acumen, personality traits for working in a team environment, that regulatory agencies will be measuring. In subsequent reviews, Bankmark is able to assist the group by helping its members quantitatively analyze all aspects and traits of potential members while building the best group.

Once the core group of 4 - 7 individuals has pledged their support and participation, a meeting is called to develop the plan for expanding the organizing group through business and professional contacts. Bankmark again assists the group in identifying the most ideal individuals to whom to present the opportunity, with an eye to rounding out the group. It is very important to make sure each additional organizer maximally increases the group's sphere of influence within its marketplace, and that every possible business or professional group representation is procured. Once the group has reached a number of 7 - 10 members, the formation process for chartering the NuBank begins.

Download the complete process in PDF format.