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Opening a new bank today can be likened to participating in extreme sports. Challenges present themselves that will test your individual readiness, stamina, group preparedness, resources and tools. Success, when so much is at risk, only comes to those who are prepared, trained and have qualified support. Any project’s success can best be achieved when preparation meets opportunity head-on. As a director, organizer or senior officer of an emerging financial service entity, your success and safety depends upon having in place a series of flawlessly crafted checks and balances, or the professional guidance to assure you have the correct tools and a sound strategy at your disposal.

Bankmark is the recognized industry leader in guiding groups with the task of forming de novo banks in these uncertain and challenging times. We are proud of the fact that we are the only consulting firm with a 100% completion record for de novo bank capital acquisition campaigns. Currently we are implementing capital programs totaling $22 million dollars.

In the post-dot-com economy, are your potential investors excited about the prospect of investing in your new bank, and if so, is their excitement transferring into actual purchases? With the current stock market volatility, how do potential investors make their purchasing decisions? It takes a well thought-out and executed program to convince today’s investor to acquire mid- to long-range bank stock.

We recommend you read our current story regarding “myths & realities” about the perception of selling bank stock. If you have not yet spoken with a Bankmark representative, now is the time. If you are already “In Organization” and would like to personally visit one of our current projects and meet other successful bank directors, please contact us at

Remember that extreme sports call for superb preparation and execution. How demanding is your project and how well are you prepared and executing?