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The Capital Imperative: Page 2

What Bankmark's Clients Have to Share with Other Organizing Groups:

At the conclusion of each engagement, we ask the client to respond to a few questions (in retrospect) regarding the project and to share their experiences with future Bankmark clients. Below are but a few of a long list of questions to which we consistently receive overwhelming responses of, " I strongly agree".

  • The Founder's Program was a key element to our success.

  • It is unrealistic to assume that organizers can/will devote the time to effectively satisfy both their personal and stock selling commitments without a level of professional help and direction.

  • Bankmark's experience enabled them to help us identify, and effectively differentiate between our preconceived "myths and realities" of a capital campaign.

  • An integral part of the Bankmark program is the construction of a solid, diversified shareholder base that is a critical element to building the bank after it opens.

  • Though you may be tempted, resist "altering" or making major changes to the Bankmark program, ride it out and it becomes apparent that the program really works.

  • In the final analysis, we realized that Bankmark's program produced results, it was in our best interest to follow their recommendations, and the customized strategy developed by them for us.

  • The Bankmark program is efficient and cost effective.

Some Direct (Literal) Quotes from Our Recent Client Engagement Critiques:

  • "Thank you Bankmark!"

  • "We should have engaged the 'third party' early on and prevented wasting precious time and money."

  • "You guys did a great job, what more can I say?"

  • "Use of key founders was extremely important."

  • "It was interesting and rewarding to be involved in your entire process, Thanks Dan."

  • "I personally hold Dan in high regard, he probably knows more about organizing a new bank than almost anyone on the West Coast."

  • "The speakers really did a good job, and they added just the right degree of credibility to the meetings."

In addition, organizers consistently acknowledge that during the campaign Bankmark also helps them to acquire, develop and/or hone the following skills and competencies:

  • Sales and closing skills

  • Business development skills

  • Team building

  • Presentation skills

  • Regulatory interaction

  • Marketing strategies

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