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Achieving High Performance in Banking

The Need for Core Banking Transformation

Seismic forces are reshaping the banking landscape. The fallout from the credit crisis is limiting discretionary spending. Consolidation and globalization are diminishing once-safe regional or national franchises. The rapid growth of emerging markets and the rise of players in other industries pose new competitive threats. In addition, new regulations are requiring greater transparency. And, with ready access to a world of information, goods and services, customer expectations are rising

In this dynamic environment, banks are at risk of being unable to meet future business needs because of the constraints imposed by the core of their operating model. The processes, procedures and IT that form the foundation layer of banks’ operations have become riddled with complexity in recent years.

Achieving high performance
That is why Accenture believes the time is ripe for an end-to-end step change in banks’ operating models to enable greater efficiencies and future growth. We call this “core banking transformation”. In our view, banks that are able to disentangle and simplify the legacy patchwork approach to technology and processes will be well positioned to achieve high performance.

This brochure explores how banks can respond to the changing landscape through core banking transformation and how, with the right approach, they can deliver sizable rewards.

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